deborah orr

I grew up in Kentucky on a creek at the forks of the Licking River. It was there that I started making dishes from the clay on the creek banks. I found you could draw on clay and soon I began drawing portraits for my classmates. After that I bought my first camera; I was nine. It was much later in my teen years when I first walked through the doors of an art supply store in San Francisco that I discovered color and painting.

Throughout my life I have made art. A chance encounter with red dog brought me to the Norfolk Museum School of Art. It was here that I had my first experience with art classes and art camaraderie. I went in a painter and came out a potter. I was hooked on clay and have been ever since.

I am drawn to record my life in all that I touch. My view of the world, my connection to the earth is captured as an essence of what IS and what WAS important to me.

Currently, I am working primarily in clay in my studio in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. I am fascinated by the use of hard wood ashes in the glazes I formulate for my clay pieces. Shell, bark, leaves all find their way into my work. I specialize in high fire ceramic dinnerware, portrait and garden sculpture. and clay whistles.

To view my current work and student work please see our Flickr page.